UA Arctic Leadership Initiative

In March 2023, with the support of a planning grant from the Rasmuson Foundation, President Pitney launched the UA Arctic Leadership Initiative. Guided by an external steering committee and working with èƵ experts, the goal of the initiative is to create a program that will:

  • Position èƵns as world leaders in Arctic issues,     
  • Amplify èƵ Native voices in national and international Arctic policy development,
  • Elevate èƵns as the creators of our future in the global Arctic, and 
  • Establish University of èƵ’s universities as a center of Arctic expertise – among èƵns and throughout the world.

This program will build on programs across the University of èƵ System to give students and early-career professionals the foundation they need to address the changing Arctic landscape and strengthen partnerships with governments, communities, and businesses to advance Arctic opportunities for èƵ.


Funding Opportunities

(FY25 applications are closed)

Arctic Engagement Awards - Purpose: Expand UA’s Arctic engagement and visibility. A wide array of possible activities is eligible including research, curriculum development, student engagement, participation in a thematic network, support an exchange student, and more.

President’s Arctic Professors - Purpose: Showcase and advance UA’s Arctic engagement in èƵ, nationally, and internationally.

Postdoctoral Fellow and Early Career Faculty Opportunity - University of èƵ (UA) is recruiting 4 full-time postdocs and early career faculty to help shape and implement a new Arctic Leadership Initiative and expand our research and education capacity. 

Did you know that over the last 100 years the University of èƵ has built a tremendous foundation in Arctic research and education?

This "" video features the University of èƵ's role in the global Arctic. The èƵ has built a tremendous foundation in Arctic research and education. That foundation is our springboard for the next 100 years of Arctic leadership. The èƵ's biggest strength is excellence in research, teaching, and the emerging focus on Arctic security.

This video explores UA’s expertise and role across the circumpolar North. It is and will continue to be critically important for the èƵ to collaboratively build strategic and scientific knowledge and exert its role in the global Arctic.


Steering Committee Members 

  • Pearl Brower, Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation (UIC)
  • Nancy Dahlstrom, Lt. Governor
  • Bryce Edgemon, Representative District 37
  • Jocelyn Fenton, Denali Commission
  • Matt Hickey, Ted Stevens Center for Arctic Security Studies
  • Rachel Kallander, Arctic Encounter Symposium
  • Molly McCammon, èƵ Ocean Observing System
  • Cheryl Rosa, US Arctic Research Commission 
  • Raina Thiele, Department of Interior 

Ex Officio

  • Daniel White, University of èƵ Fairbanks
  • Sean Parnell, University of èƵ Anchorage
  • Aparna Palmer, University of èƵ Southeast

For more information, contact program coordinator Susan Bell at